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US Open

US Open Betting Options at Online Bookmakers

The last Grand Slam tournament of every year comes in September, as the very best tennis players in the world gather in New York to take part in the US Open. This event provides punters with the opportunity to bet on tennis games at their highest levels, and the detailed guides to the betting this tournament requires available online will provide punters with everything they need to know, including information on:

  • The format which the tournament takes
  • The betting markets online bookmakers are able to provide
  • The key US Open betting strategies that, if implemented, could well see punters seeing far better returns

The World of US Open Tennis Betting

The US Open is played on the kind of hard courts that make up the bulk of the WTA and ATP seasons’ games, so the players taking part are more used to playing on the surface they will be faced with. Without exception, the very best players in terms of a particular season in both the men’s and women’s tennis tours put it all together and manage to triumph in New York.

America is famous for making events that take place on their home turf bigger; bolder; brasher; and better than those that take place anywhere else in the world, and the US Open is no exception. The games take place at the huge Flushing Meadow Tennis Complex in New York City, and it can safely be said that the world of online tennis betting goes into overdrive over the two weeks that the games play out for. The biggest names in this sport gather to compete for what is commonly held to be the most prestigious trophy in sport, and eye-watering amounts of prize money, and these games are viewed by sell-out crowds, which often include movie stars; athletes from other sports; and even the occasional politician.

As far as the US Open Tennis online betting is concerned, the bulk of activity will be focussed on the singles competitions, and the main bet type made use of these is the outright bet. In addition to the men and women singles and doubles games, punters can also look to a mixed double event, as well as the two junior competitions for players under the age of 18.

Betting Online During the US Open

The piece of advice most widely given to punters interested in betting on the outcomes of the matches of the US Open and the tournament result as well is that he or she only lays a wager when it can truly be said that there is betting value available for it. Betting value can be described as the point in time that the punter can safely consider the chance of a given outcome to be larger than the probability which the bookmaker’s odds imply. This can be done by means of a simple calculation: value = (decimal odds * assessed probability) – 1. So, if odds of 1.50 and thus the implied probability of 66.7% are given for Player A to win an upcoming match and the bettor considers the likelihood of this player to win to be as high as 80% then a value betting opportunity is in sight. This is the result of an assessed likelihood of Player A winning the match is bigger than that which the bookmaker’s odds implies.

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