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Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series

Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series

Learning about the Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series

Net Entertainment has created the Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series in order to provide the growing number of online casino players with a reliable and trustworthy venue to enjoy blackjack and pontoon games. To appreciate just how NetEnt has gone about making the Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series ideal for all the millions of players worldwide, it must also be appreciated just how NetEnt have blended these games together in a high quality casino package.

An Introduction to Pontoon

Pontoon is slightly different, and the British version of blackjack. American-style blackjack is one of the most popular casino games, but its sister game, pontoon, is less well known. There are certain differences between the games that not only make the Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series intriguing, but also keep the basic gaming at the Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series fresh and interesting.

Blackjack and pontoon are identical in terms of being based on a score of 21. Equally blessed with some of the best player odds at a casino, a good pontoon or blackjack player, using the advocated basic strategy correctly, should always at the very least break-even. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer. This means getting as close as possible to the card face value total of 21 without going over this score. A challenging task, in that the dealer also needs to be beaten.

Gameplay Options and Settings 

In the Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series betting ranges from a minimum of 1 coin to a maximum of 40 coins. Occasionally high roller variations of the game are available at particular casino sites. Players get 1, 5 and 10 coin chips to play with, and up to three hands can be played at the same time. The differences between pontoon and blackjack that applies to Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series play are that both the dealers’ cards are dealt face down. Another difference to blackjack that may catch the uninitiated by surprise are that the dealer in pontoon wins all ties.

Betting Advantages and Terminology Differences

There are some distinct betting advantages to the Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series casino game by NetEnt. Blackjack, as hand containing an Ace and a ten or picture card, pays out 3:2 to the player. A pontoon hand in Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series pays 2:1, which are better odds. In blackjack, taking 5 cards to score less than 21 would merely be called a 5 card hand. In Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series, as with pontoon generally, this becomes a 5-card trick and is the second highest possible hand. Only a pontoon ranks higher. Identical odds to a pontoon, a 5-card trick pays out 2:1.

Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series contains all the linguistic and game terminology differences that pontoon has from  online blackjack real money Canada. When players wish to be dealt another card, the term is not ‘hit,’ but rather ‘twist’. Should the player wish to retain their current cards, they don’t ‘stand’ like blackjack, but ‘stick’. Doubling down in blackjack in Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series is called ‘buying’. This is important to know as these are the terms on the game buttons too.

The Blackjack Pontoon Pro Series by Net Entertainment is available at all NetEnt affiliated and managed casinos, as well as in for fun or free mode.